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Share the PayBud Love

We believe you should be rewarded for sharing and growing the PayBud Community. Afterall, the more the community grows, the more valuable your own rewards become.

Here is how our Share the Love program works. You can earn referral rewards in two different ways:

1) Earn rewards for each referral (a referral is a new user who earns their first 10,000 points).
2) PLUS monthly “activity” bonuses from those you refer. *

*As a premium member (silver, gold, or platinum), you will receive an “activity” bonus every month based on the rewards the members you referred earned that month so long as they have at least 1,000 points in their account.

Referral Reward Structure

Example 1: You are a Silver member and you refer Joe, Mike, and Sara. You would receive 30,000 Reward points (10,000 per person).

Example 2: You are a Gold member and you refer Joe, Mike, and Sara. You would receive 45,000 Reward points (15,000 per person). PLUS you would receive 10% of all the rewards Joe, Mike and Sara earn each month.

If they each earned 20,000 reward points every month, you would receive a Monthly Activity Bonus of 6,000 Reward points every month.

The more Rewards Joe, Mike and Sara earn every month, the more rewards you receive every month.

Share the Love. Enjoy the Rewards.