Ready to play 20 questions (and answers)?  Well, ok we may have a few more than just 20 FAQs, but we tried to cover the most common questions.  However after reading through the four "FAQ Chapters" below, if you have a question we may have missed, please contact us and we will get you the answer.  Thanks!


(By the way, we love games and rewarding our members, so we have buried a little Easter Egg on one of our FAQ pages.  If you find that reward code and use it when you join as a member, we will send you some FREE reward points.  Click on one of the poker chips above to begin.  Happy Hunting!).

Rewards FAQs

No, the App is not required to be a PayBud member.

However, using the App allows you so much more access and opportunity to earn and spend PayBud Rewards such as our Hot Spot Check-in feature.

We highly recommend you download our free App available for both Apple and Android devices.

(Note:  Our App will be available by mid-February).
Make sure your communication preferences are set correctly in your Member Profile section of your account so that you do not miss any of our emails, texts or push notifications. 
We are all about building our rewards network around your life and your preferences.

You can request your preferred gym/fitness center to be added to the PayBud Hot Spot directory by either emailing us the information or by using our App.

If you are using the App, the follow these simple steps:

Physically go to the location you wish to add. Open the PayBud App.
Select the "Check-In" feature from the Menu.
Press the "Add Location" button.
Complete the Hot Spot submission form.

It’s that easy!

We will review your request and notify you once the location has been approved and added.

Everyday Rewards for YOUR Everyday Living.
Yes! See FAQ #3 above.
The RPI value you see displayed is the Reward Power Index. This will be a scale ranging between 1-100.

As the Rewards Power Index increases, the Buying Power of your Rewards also increases. Similar to a stock price fluctuation, the Reward Power Index number will move higher and lower on a weekly basis.

This is determined by the member activity within the entire PayBud community. Activity metrics such as new member sign ups; forum participation; daily quizzes taken; app downloads; match game play; app and hot spot check-ins; rewards earned; social media activity etc… will all play an important role in how the weekly Power Index is calculated.

So the more active and engaged the PayBud members are as a whole, the more valuable YOUR Reward Points become each week!  Each Sunday at 5pm (PST) the Rewards Power Index number will be updated on our website and app from the previous week’s overall Community activity.
No…no extra work is required on your part. As long as you have updated your Member profile with your birthday information, our system will automatically credit your PayBud Rewards account with the appropriate Reward points on your birthday as well as on the date you joined the PayBud community.
Absolutely! We encourage it and Reward you for your social media activity.

Each time you like or follow our official social media postings you will earn Rewards. Just make sure you completed your Member Profile with your social media handles so you can receive the Rewards for liking or following our posts.

Remember, the larger our PayBud community becomes, the more valuable the Reward points you earn and spend become.
This is one of our most popular features and is exclusive to App users. It is one of the easiest ways to earn FREE PayBud Rewards.

Simply open up your App and select the "Check-In” option, press “Daily Check-in” and boom!!! You just earned some Rewards.

Make it part of your daily routine.
This feature is what makes PayBud so great for our members. 

Open up the PayBud App and select the "Check-In" feature directly from your Dashboard or from the drop down Menu.

Our app will tell you if you are at a valid Hot Spot location.

Select the Hot Spot you want to check-in at and you are done.

It's really that easy to earn FREE rewards at the places you love to visit.
This is a fun and popular way to earn some Rewards while spending your rewards at the same time.

Show off and share with your friends what you were able to buy with PayBud.

To get “The Gram” Reward, simply purchase something using your PayBud Debit Card, then take a pic or quick video of what you purchased along with your PayBud Debit Card and post it to your Instagram account.

Be sure to tag #PayBudRewards in your post and we will credit your PayBud account with Rewards.

(Note: do not disclose any personal information including name and/or your complete debit card number in the pics!)
Email your LimeBike and/or Uber/Lyft ride history that day to

To qualify, you must email us within 24 hours of actually using LimeBike or Uber/Lyft.

Be sure that you are emailing us from the email registered with your PayBud account so we know who to credit the Rewards to.
Premium Memberships afford you many advantages over just a free PayBud Membership.

One of the biggest advantages is that the Reward points are multiplied by a factor of 20%, 60% or 300% depending on your membership tier.

So for example, a free (green tier) member may earn 10 points for checking in at their favorite coffee house, but a Silver member would earn 12 points and a Platinum member would earn 30 points for that same check-in.

Even better….assume you made a match on our Match Game worth 1000 Reward Points as a free (green tier) member. As a Gold Member that would have been worth 1600 points and 3000 points as a Platinum Member.

Premium Memberships offer you the ability to earn Reward points much faster PLUS you receive your own PayBud Debit Card!
Yes! See FAQ #8 above.
Log on to your account from the Website or the App.

Enter the code you received into the “Promo Candy Code” box that appears at the top of  the dashboard of your account to receive Reward points.

Often times these codes are time sensitive and will expire. So enter the code as soon as possible to not miss out on FREE Rewards.
Login to your PayBud account from the website or App and select the “Hot Spot” tab from the drop down Menu.  You can search by Zip and/or Name to show all of the available "Hot Spots check-in" locations near you!
There are countless ways in which you can earn Rewards on a daily basis, most of which can be all done from your computer or mobile phone.

Please visit the “EARN” tab on our website and/or App to learn how.
We do our best to offer our members a variety of ways in which they can use and spend their Rewards.

Unlike traditional reward programs that require you to spend your rewards at the same place you had to spend money at to earn your “free” reward, PayBud allows you to spend your Reward points virtually anywhere.

Enjoy Reward Freedom with PayBud.

Please visit the “SPEND” tab on our website and/or App to learn how.
The Rewards you collect as a Free (Green tier) member will expire after 6 months if you have no activity on your PayBud Rewards account.

Rewards earned as an active Silver, Gold or Platinum premium member do not expire.
Yes, Jennifer cashed in her Rewards for a $15 Bath and Body Works gift card.

For the last two weeks, she played the Match and Trivia Games once a day; checked in at her gym four times; Starbucks once; and opened her PayBud App every day.

Now she is going shopping!
Do you love posting to Instagram, love rewards and love Reno/Tahoe?

Well the “Do It For the Gram” opportunity might be perfect for you.

Any photo taken of you enjoying your favorite spot in town or place you like to hangout and then posted to your Instagram account with the hashtag #PayBudRewards will be eligible to be featured on our website and social media pages.

We will select our favorite photo at the beginning of each month. If your photo is selected, you will also receive 1000 Reward points, 5 bullion coins and a sweet PayBud swag bag.

So let us see your creative side. Only rule…make sure you have fun when snapping those pics!


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