Ready to play 20 questions (and answers)?  Well, ok we may have a few more than just 20 FAQs, but we tried to cover the most common questions.  However after reading through the four "FAQ Chapters" below, if you have a question we may have missed, please contact us and we will get you the answer.  Thanks!


(By the way, we love games and rewarding our members, so we have buried a little Easter Egg on one of our FAQ pages.  If you find that reward code and use it when you join as a member, we will send you some FREE reward points.  Click on one of the poker chips above to begin.  Happy Hunting!).

Membership FAQs

You can sign up to become a member by clicking our Join/Login page link on our website. Once you are a registered member, be sure to download our app to access all the PayBud membership features.
Absolutely not! Although we call Reno our home, and home means Nevada, PayBud is for anyone, anywhere. We are happy to have you as part of the PayBud family no matter where you live, work or travel. There are so many different ways to earn and spend PayBud Rewards using your phone and computer that your location should not limit you. In we will be actively expanding to new cities and states so the Reward opportunities and options will continue to grow as PayBud grows.
We offer a FREE membership as well as three premium membership levels in which you pay a small monthly membership fee. You can review the various membership levels offered and their benefits/features by clicking here
Login into your PayBud Account via the website or the App. Click on the drop down Menu and select the Profile option. Then select your desired notification preferences.
Yes.   We call it "Share the Love" and it is quite a nice program that rewards you not just once, but every time someone you shared PayBud with earns rewards themselves. To see the complete details of this program visit our Share the Love page.
All premium members are eligible to vote on any of our polls or upcoming projects. For example some of these polls will include the PayBud community voting on additional ways in which they can earn and/or spend their Rewards.
Our Ambassador program is for members who wish to actively promote the PayBud range of opportunities and services to merchants in their local community. Very nice cash and Reward incentives are in place for successful introductions.
No. Sorry, memberships and Rewards are non-transferable and can’t be shared with family members, friends or others.
No. We ask that each individual member have only one PayBud account.

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