Ready to play 20 questions (and answers)?  Well, ok we may have a few more than just 20 FAQs, but we tried to cover the most common questions.  However after reading through the four "FAQ Chapters" below, if you have a question we may have missed, please contact us and we will get you the answer.  Thanks!


(By the way, we love games and rewarding our members, so we have buried a little Easter Egg on one of our FAQ pages.  If you find that reward code and use it when you join as a member, we will send you some FREE reward points.  Click on one of the poker chips above to begin.  Happy Hunting!).

Games & Features FAQs

As a PayBud member you can play as many times as you like to win massive Reward points. Free games are available every hour and additional games can be purchased using your Rewards points.
There is no limit to the number of times you can play the Trivia Quiz game. Free games are available every hour and additional games can be purchased using your Bullion coins.

Each time you play you receive Reward points for each correct answer, so it is definitely worth playing and testing your Trivia knowledge against the rest of the PayBud Community.

The more you play the better chance you have of finishing with one of the Top 3 high scores of the day and winning on of our daily prizes.
The Daily Trivia game runs for 24 hours from from 6pm (PST) to 6pm (PST).

The Top 3 scores of the day will each be awarded a prize for your efforts.  You will receive an email from us if you are one of the day's winners.
Dope Drop is a fun and unique way to earn Reward points, gift cards, and discounts/coupons from local merchants.

It is similar to a scavenger hunt. We will announce ahead of time what prize/reward the Dope Drop will contain; how many are available and when it will be released for you to try and claim.

When the Dope Drop is released, all members within 25 mile radius will receive a push notification telling them where the Dope Drop is located on a map.

The Dope Drop is time sensitive and in limited supply. Members must use the PayBud App on their phone to locate and reach the Dope Drop location before the clock runs out and before all the Drops are claimed by other members in order to win the award/prize.
This game is modeled after the popular Daily 3 Lotto and PowerBall drawings.

It is FREE to play and you could get lucky and walk away with a huge Pot of Rewards.

To participate and play this fun community game, login into your account and click on the PowerBud link to learn more.
You and your fellow PayBud member need to each open the PayBud Connect feature in the PayBud App.

The first person selects “Share QR code” and the second person selects “Scan QR code”. Upon a successful “Connection” the second person’s screen will receive the “Success” message notifying him/her of the Rewards transferred to his/her account.

Now, for the first person to receive their Rewards, repeat the same procedure but with the first person now selecting “Scan QR code” and the second person selecting “Share QR code”.
PayBud offers you the ability to acquire PayBud Community digital tokens (“Bullion Coins”).

Bullion Coins can be used to unlock certain exclusive features/services within the PayBud website/app as well as allow Bullion Coin holders additional benefits and bonuses within the PayBud Community. 
Our Reward store inventory is constantly changing with new items so be sure to visit the Store often.

We offer a variety of popular gift cards, swag merchandise, local deals and specials on a wide range of different products and services including but not limited to massage, personal training, nutritional consultation, and wellness center services.

PayBud works with a variety of local businesses to offer you a variety of items to choose from within the Store. Login to your account to see what is available today.

Happy Reward Shopping!

We are constantly listening to the PayBud Community to find ways to make the PayBud membership a custom and tailored rewards network for each of our members. “Your Life…Your Rewards.”
PayBud’s success is built on Community effort and participation. There are power in numbers. We will occasionally post a task we need the Community’s help with achieving. Any member who completes the assigned task will earn cash and/or rewards for their efforts. The more challenging the bounty...the greater the reward.
Bullion Coins enhance so many of PayBud's features and offer special opportunities for our members. 

For example Bullion Coins allow you to play the Trivia Game anytime you want giving you more opportunities to win the daily trivia prizes. 

They allow you to make additional picks during a Match Game giving you the chance to make a valuable match and more Rewards. 

Using Bullion Coins when playing PowerBud increase your odds of winning by a whopping 66%. 

Also, you gain access to our exclusive "Bullion Only" Auctions and Sweepstakes

PLUS so much more...Bullion is the Bomb!

When you become a member, enter the code:  EASTEREGG4U in the designated Promo box located on your Dashboard member page and you will get an extra 100 Reward points.

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