Ready to play 20 questions (and answers)?  Well, ok we may have a few more than just 20 FAQs, but we tried to cover the most common questions.  However after reading through the four "FAQ Chapters" below, if you have a question we may have missed, please contact us and we will get you the answer.  Thanks!


(By the way, we love games and rewarding our members, so we have buried a little Easter Egg on one of our FAQ pages.  If you find that reward code and use it when you join as a member, we will send you some FREE reward points.  Click on one of the poker chips above to begin.  Happy Hunting!).

Benefits FAQs

In order to be eligible to receive your FREE PayBud Rewards Debit Card you must be a current premium member. Login to your account to request a PayBud Rewards Debit Card.
All premium members are automatically entered into the monthly gift card drawing with prizes ranging from $10-$25. Drawings take place the last day of every month. It is our way of thanking you for being a premium member of the PayBud Community.
Simply show the vendor your PayBud app on your phone to receive the vendor's advertised/promoted PayBud discount.
We have several different general topics to choose from. Any information you feel will be useful, educational, informative or otherwise beneficial to the PayBud Community you are welcome to submit for publishing.

Our staff will review it and approve it for posting. Once it is posted the PayBud membership as a whole will have seven (7) days to vote on the quality of the information.

If at the end of the seven day window, you have more upvotes than downvotes…you will earn a Community posting award which may consist of Rewards points, gift cards, etc…
Similar to the “Cash Back” program some credit cards offer. Once every quarter, we will offer to buy back a percentage of the Rewards you are holding PLUS a Cash bonus on top (eligible for Gold and Platinum membership tiers only).
Simply by being an active premium tier member who completes at least 3 reward activities each week for that month (i.e. location and/or in-app community check-ins, trivia play, match game, PowerBud etc..) and you will receive a monthly bonus "thank you" Rewards deposited automatically into your account. . It is our way of thanking you for being an active premium member of the PayBud Community.
You will instantly receive your referral rewards into your account when the person you refer signs up.

At the beginning of each month, we will credit your Rewards account with all your earned "Share the Love"  bonus reward points you earned for the previous month based on all the activity of the members you have referred. 

We will email you this monthly summary as well.  For a detailed accounting of your "Share the Love" Rewards and referrals, login to your account and select the "Share the Love" tab on your Member Profile page.
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