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PayBud is a unique membership rewards network centered on the everyday activities of our members. What makes our network so unique is that the buying power of your rewards increases with members’ activity within the PayBud community and ecosystem. So your rewards actually become more valuable the more active the community is as a whole.

PayBud provides our members fun and easy ways to earn rewards all by simply using your phone. We offer daily and weekly FREE contests (PayBud Promos) for you to participate in for your chance to win CA$H and other great prizes simply by having fun and using your phone.

So, whether it's playing our online games; meeting a friend for coffee at Starbucks; going to watch a movie or grabbing one at RedBox; hitting the gym for a daily workout or yoga session; enjoying the ski slopes; or even checking in with your PayBud community to simply say “hello”… PayBud will Reward you for simply being you!

Then use your rewards however you like.  Shop in the PayBud Store for popular gift cards such as Amazon, Cheesecake Factory, Starbucks.  Buy cool swag merchandise .  Use rewards to compete against fellow members for a variety of prizes.  But best of all, use your rewards to make purchases at your favorite coffee house, restaurant, bar, store or even for your next online Amazon order. In short, use your PayBud Rewards to pay for things just about anywhere.

PayBud is not just your Pal. We are your best Bud for a higher level of rewards.